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Paysage Choisi (En entendant le clair de lune)
In memoriam Hanno Walter Kruft,
For piano solo

First performance at the

Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, July 1994.

Duration 8 minutes.

Mekaber zajn di Lewone (To Bury the Moon)
Melodram for piano and the pianist’s voice

After Abraham Sutzkever’s 'Honik fun a wilder bin'. First performance at the 'Bayerische Akademie der schönen Künste', July 1997.

Duration 16 minutes.

Listen (excerpt)

Lider-Togbuch (Song-Diary)
in memoriam Michael Hofmann
For piano and the pianist’s voice

After poems in Yiddish by Abraham Sutzkever. Commissioned by the City of Munich. First performance at the Literatur-Woche München, March 1998.

Duration 60 minutes.

Samples from the cycle:

Dajn Rege (Your Moment)

Jehi (Let it Be)

Di oppelhakte Hant (The Chopped-off Hand) 

Majn tefile (My Prayer)

Baj tog a lewaje, bay nacht a kontsert (A Funeral by Day, a Concert by Night)

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Quasi una fantasia?
For piano solo

With the movements: I. Durchaus, II. Phantastisch,
III. Und, IV. Leidenschaftlich, V. Vorzutragen.
First performance in Bochum, 2000.

Duration 20 minutes.

Rega’im (Moments)
Five pieces for piano solo

First performance at the SWR-Radio Concert Series, 2002, between Schubert’s Moments Musicaux.

Duration 15 minutes.

Samples from the cycle:


Zeltmusik (Tent-Music)

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Debka Fallastin (Debka Palestine)
For flute/piccolo and drabuka

First performance in Theâtre Châtelet, Paris, 2002.

Duration 8 minutes.


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Hebräische Balladen (Hebrew Ballads)
For soprano and piano

After the poem-cycle 'Hebräische Balladen' by Else Lasker-Schüler. Commissioned by the Culture-Foundation North-Rhein Westphalia. First complete performance at Museum Baden, Solingen, 2003.

Duration 60 minutes. Available in print.

Samples from the cycle:

An Gott (To God)

Im Anfang (In the Beginning)


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For cello and piano -
also in a version for viola and piano (2008)

First performance in Osaka, Japan, May 2005.

Duration 18 minutes. Available in print.

Listen (excerpt)

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Psalm II
For flute und piano

With the Movements Psalm, Rauch (Smoke).

Duration 14 minutes. Available in print.



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Fugitive Pieces (Fluchtstücke)
Cycle for piano solo

After the novel by Anne Michaels. 18 short movements. First performance within a concert of the Südwestrundfunk, Baden-Baden, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II, May 2005.

Duration 32 minutes. Available in print.

Samples from the cycle:

Blind Guide

Burst Door

Milk Teeth


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For string quartet

After poems by Paul Celan

Three movements: Auge der Zeit, Psalm (also recited), „Sandvolk“. First recording Auritus-Quartett, NEOS. First performance Freiburg, 2009.

Duration 24 minutes.
Score and parts available in print.

Auge der Zeit (Time’s Eye, excerpt)

Psalm (excerpt)

Sandvolk (Sand-People, excerpt)

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For chamber-choir (8 men-voices) and string quartet

After poems by Paul Celan.

Duration 9 minutes. Available in print.

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Cloches de joie et larmes de rire
(Bells of Joy and Tears of Laughter)
For piano solo

Commissioned for the 2nd Lepthien-Piano-Competition, Freiburg, 2007.

Duration 4 minutes. Available in print.


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Di vayte haymat mayne (My Distant Home)
For tenor and orchestra

After poems by Marc Chagall

First performance on July 9th, 2007, Munich.

Duration 32 minutes.

Score and orchestra-material available in print.

Samples from the cycle:

Di schtot di wajte (The distant town)

Majne trern (My tears)

Doss bild (The painting), excerpt

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Three Love-Songs
For soprano and organ

After Else Lasker-Schüler. First performance Auenkirche, Berlin, 2007.
Duration 6 minutes. Available in print.

Wasserpsalm for 8 solo voices or mixed choir (ss;aa;tt;bb)

1st movement after psalms 69, 130, 144. Two additional movements planned.
Duration 5 minutes. Available in print.

For Piano solo

Commissioned by Pianofortefabrik C. Bechstein.
First performance in Mannheim, May 2009.
Duration 4 minutes. Available in print.

Isaac's Youth
Opera in 2 acts or 8 soloists and
chamber orchestra (ca. 30 players)

Libretto by Simon A. Rosenbaum and Gilead Mishory.
Duration 100 minutes. Excerpts available in print.

For piano solo with the pianist's voice

Melodram after 'Der Wij'. Commissioned by Okno, Zürich. First performance Zürich, April 2011)
Duration 10 minutes.


Didone Abbandonata
Sonata in g-minor for violin and piano

By Giuseppe Tartini. Adaption for piano solo. First performance Israel, November 2011.
Duration 12 Min.

Movement 1 (excerpt)

Movement 2 (excerpt)

Movement 3 (excerpt)

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Mein Opa und ich - 10 Piano-Pieces for children
For piano solo

Commissioned by maestro Osamu Sasaki, Yokohama.
Birds’ Morning-Greeting; My Hamster; Scrambled eggs; Grandpa’s Hearing-Aid; Anna plays, Magdalena disturbs…; Grandpa is Sleeping; Grandpa and Grandma on the Motorcycle; The Strange Watch; The Golden Swiss Watch; Evening-Thoughts.
First performances May 2011 in Vienna, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Osaka.

Available in print.
Duration 12 minutes.

More informations as PDF...

Tokyo-first-performance on YouTube

Download of the score without any charge

Kinnor (Violin) in memoriam Shimon Mishory
For piano solo

First performance Israel, November 2011.

Available in print.
Duration 14 minutes.


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Gogols Nachtlied
For piano, toy-piano and pianist's voice

Commissioned by the Holst-Sinfonietta
After Landolfi, Wallach & Goethe.

First performance Freiburg, January 2012.
Available in print.

Duration 8 minutes.


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Haus-Psalmen (House-Psalms, „Tehilej Bajit“)
For clarinet, cello and piano

Commissioned by the Jewish community in Freiburg
for the 25th anniversary of its synagogue.

First performance Freiburg, 4. November 2012.
Duration 21 Min. Available in print.

Movement 1 (excerpt)

Movement 2 (excerpt)

Movement 3 (excerpt)

Movement 4 (excerpt)

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Three Israeli Folksongs
arranged for piano in four hands

'Hewenu schalom aleychem',
'Osse shalom', 'David melech Yissra’el'

First performance Tokyo, March 2013
Duration 12 Minuten. Available in print.

'Sham Yesh' (''Yonder there's')
Quintet for piano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello

Commissioned by 'Meitar'-Ensemble, Tel-Aviv.

First performance Tel-Aviv, March 2014
Duration 14 minutes. Available in print.


Ein paar kurze Stössel (A Few Short Stössls)
For piano solo

Improvisations after poems by Jürgen Peter Stössel

Duration 6 minutes.

An Aeneas: du. Nocturne (To Aeneas: you. Nocturne)
For piano solo

Commissioned by the European Piano Contest Bremen

First performance Bremen, March 2014

Duration 5 minutes. Published by Peermusic.

Listen: live in concert

More informations as PDF...

An Aeneas:
2. She. Delirium 3. Labyrinth 4. Father. The touch. 5. The sea for piano solo..

First performance of the whole cycle: Basel, February 2017. First recording NEOS (21601). Respectively ca. 6, 8, 7 & 6 min. (Available in Print)

She. Delirium


Father. The touch

The sea

Grandma and I (Oma und ich)
: 9 Children’s Pieces
For piano solo

'Decaf Coffee in the Morning', 'Grandma Wakes me Up', 'Egg Salad', 'Fear', 'On the Train', 'Grandma is Sick', 'Jodl the Dog', 'Grandma and Grandpa in New York, when they were young', 'Grandma’s Lullaby'

Duration 14 minutes.

Score as PDF...

For 8 solo voices or mixed choir (ss;aa;tt;bb)

Commissioned by the German Chamber Choir
('Deutscher Kammerchor')
First performance Tel Aviv 2016

2nd and 3rd movement: 'Mej menuchot' and

'Kol mischbarecha we galecha'.

Duration each 7 minutes. Available in print

Movement 1 (excerpt)

Movement 2 (excerpt)

Movement 3 (excerpt)

Kurzpsalm ('Shortpsalm' or 'Tehilim Katsar')
For violin solo

First performance Stuttgart 2015
Duration 2 minutes. Available in print

For piano solo.

19 extremely short pieces, to be played between Chopin’s préludes
First performance Freiburg November 2016 by Yeseul Moon
Complete length 4 minutes. Available in print

Nofim Pnima
For mixed choir a capella

Texts in Hebrew by Israeli Poets
Duration 18 minutes. Available in print

To the Distant Sister
For piano solo

Commissioned by Susanne Kessel

First performance Bonn, June 2018
Duration 4 minutes. Published by
Musica Ferrum, London, Vol. 5

Earthly Dances
for Wind-Quintet and Percussion

Including the movements: Intrada, Air, Tin-Dance, Asches, Hora Berale, Stones, End-Dance
First performance Freiburg, June 2019

19 Minutes. Available in print
Listen and watch

'Mein verrückter Klavierlehrer' (My Crazy Piano Teacher): 11 pieces for young pianists, with a Schnaps-encore

With the pieces: Lazy Morning, Müsli; Nose-Trimmer; Snail Dance; Blue Wall, Blue Tower; Barefoot Shoes; Strong Coffee in the Afternoon; Hybrid Car; The Pupil Phlegmatius; Sugar; gg-Schnaps; Cherry Blossoms. 

Duration About 20 minutes. Available in print.

Six Tantrums for Cello solo

With the movements: Brennend; Außer Kontrolle; Tumultueux; Alla marcia furiosa; Knirschend; Grollend.
First performance 30. April 2021, Hochschule für Musik Frankfurt
Duration Ca. 10 minutes. Available in print.
First Performance on YouTube

'Space-Voyages': Six Pieces for Cello Solo

With the movements: Einsam schwebend; Große Bärin; Kurnácht; The Ship (MS MRT); Dal niente al niente; Vergnügt und geschmeidig.
Duration Ca. 14 minutes. Available in print.

Rosas y Ángeles (Roses and Angels) for piano solo (Variations on „Pavane de Spaigne“ by Praetorius/Caroubel)

With the movements: Theme; Wolfenbüttel; Wolf’s Blood; German Seguidilla; Pavane pour une poupée d’une infante; Poison for Isabella; Two Roses; Two Other Roses; Poison for Ferdinand; Pink Little Angels; Skeletons; Rap Espagnol; Toledo; Wegdamith! (Away with it!)
First Performance: 1. November 2021 in Bochum.
Duration Ca. 13 minutes. Available in print.

Lune e Maroni (Moons and Maroni) for piano solo

Thirty Improauditions for thirty poems in “Maronenmond” by Urs Heftrich.

Duration ca. 31 minutes. Available in print.


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