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„To Aeneas“ is the title of Gilead Mishory’s new CD, published by NEOS. All three works in it refer to the myth of Dido and Aeneas: Muzio Clementi’s last piano sonata: „Didone Abbandonata“, Giuseppe Tartini’s  sonata for violin, in Mishory’s transcription for piano solo, as well as Mishory’s new cycle „To Aeneas“. The CD has already been broadcast by many radio-stations in Europe in the first weeks after its appearance. The “MDR-Figaro” said about Mishory’s cycle: “It is a suite of five movements, which expresses the whole emotional range: from solemn desperation to eruptive rage. Dido’s suicide becomes almost an acoustic film”. Read the booklet-interview with Simon A. Rosenbaum in which Gilead Mishory talks about his cycle and the programming of this CD.


Clementi Movement 1 & 2 (excerpt)

Clementi Movement 3 & 4 (excerpt)

Tartini Movement 1 (excerpt)

Tartini Movement 2 (excerpt)

Tartini Movement 3 (excerpt)

Aeneas Movement 1 (excerpt)


Listen to more excxerpts about
Dido und Aeneas under compositions.


Read the reactions onto Dido and Aeneas:

W.M. Grimmel, FAZ, August 2017

Dr. Hartmut Hain, klassik.com, April 2017
Burkhard Schäfer, Piano News, April 2017
Frank Siebert, Fonoforum , April 2017



Gileads Compositions you can hear live here:


25.11.17 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain:

Prof. Alfonso Gomez, piano: Recital at Bernaola Festival "Fluchtstücke" ("Fugitive Pieces").


15.7.17 Freiburg, Hochschule für Musik:

Prof. Alfonso Gomez and the students: Aaron Löchle, Yue Zou, Clara Casado, Carolin Tjoa (piano). Recitation: Jakob Boenig: "Fugitive Pieces".


30.7.2017 Narnia Festival, Narni, Italy:

Gilead Mishory (piano): "Grandpa and I"


1.8.2017 Halle, Festival "EuroArts":

Katharina Deserno (cello) und Gilead Mishory (piano): "Psalm" for cello and piano.


2.8.2017 Odyssiad Festival, Colorado:

Sophia Hase (piano): from "Fugivite Pieces"


22.10.2017, 7 pm, Freiburg, "kooperatur"-Haus at the Münster:

Prof. Alfonso Gomez and the students: Aaron Löchle, Yue Zou, Clara Casado, Carolin Tjoa (piano). Recitation: Jakob Boenig: "Fugitive Pieces".


29.10.2017 Redwood City, California:

Markus Pawlik (piano): "To Aeneas: you. Nocturne".


30.10.2017 Seoul, National University:

String-Quartet "Psalm" after Paul Celan


23.11.2017 Bernaola-Festival, Spain:

„Fugitive Pieces“ (Alfonso Gómez, piano)


15.12.2017, 6 pm  Freiburg, Hochschule für Musik: „Fugitive Pieces“ (Yang Tai, piano)



Recent competition-successes of Mishory’s students!


Last September Mishory’s student Wataru HISASUE won the third prize at the prestigious ARD-Competition in Munich.

At the recent “Lepthien”-Competition in Freiburg (May 2017) Yeseul MOON won the second prize, and Yang TAI the third.

Mariia IUDENKO won in summer 2017 the audience-prize at the “Russian Academy” in Freiburg. 2016 she gained prizes at three competitions: Friuli Venezia Giulia, as well as Luciano Luciani, Cosenza (Italy), and Campillos (Spain).


In October Yeseul Moon won the prize of the Friends’-Association of the Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg. She will represent the school at the “Mendelssohn-Competition” in Berlin.




Israeli Music-Festival „Felicja Blumental“


The Israeli Music-Festival „Felicja Blumental“ invited Gilead Mishory this year to a “Home-Visit”, During which two of his pieces will be performed. On April 4th , in the Tel-Aviv Museum, Mishory will perform his cycle “Lider-Togbuch” (Song-Diary). In the same evening there will be a first public performance of “Waterpsalm” for chamber-choir a capella (commissioned and already recorded by the “Deutscher Kammerchor”), by the “Moran”-Ensemble. On April  5th there will be an open discussion with Mishory and the other “home-visitor”, the composer Osvaldo Golijov.

Details under http://www.blumentalfestival.com/



Gilead Mishory: Psalmus


Christophorus Records, Freiburg, 03/2015

The German Chamber Choir ("Deutscher Kammerchor") commissioned by Gilead Mishory the three-movement piece "Wasserpsalm" (Waterpsalm), for choir a-capella in eight voices, and included it, in a first recording, in its new CD with various psalm-compositions, i.a. by Schubert, Mendelssohn and Schönberg. The three movements are based on the different associations of water in David's psalms, and are sung in Hebrew.



Claude Debussy


Gilead Mishory's works
Claude Debussy: Préludes 1909-1913
CD1: Premier livre | CD2: Deuxième livre

Newly published by NEOS (21303/04)

Coproduction SWR2


Interview with Lotte Thaler, SWR - PDF-Download

First reactions on the Debussy CD - PDF-Download

Review Reutlinger Anzeiger - PDF-Download

Enthusiastic feedbacks: Bayern 4 Klassik, Deutschlandfunk, MDR, Pizzicato, KlassikInfo, klassik.com, Reutlinger Anzeiger (PDF)



An Aeneas: du. Nocturne (To Aeneas: you. Nocturne)
For piano solo

Commissioned by the

European Piano Contest Bremen

First performance in Bremen, March 2014

Duration 5 Minuten. Published by Peermusic.


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19.-22.1.2018 Oberfranken/Germany

Masterclass at Haus Marteau


24.2-1.3.2018 Paris/France

Académies d'hiver du Grand Paris 2018 


2-4.3.2018 Freiburg/Germany

„Junge Talente“ –Masterclass of the „Hochschule für Musik“ for highschool pupils

June 2018 Japan

Concerts and Masterclasses

23-29.8.2018 Brescia/Italien

Talent Music Summer Festival


August 2018 Halle an der Saale/Germany

“Euroarts” Festival



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