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Mishory’s first major work, „Lider-Togbukh” (Song-Diary, 1997-1998) for piano and pianist’s voice, after poems in Yiddish by Abraham Sutzkever, was published by “Peermusic-Classical”.


The score includes a supplement with translation of the texts into English and German. This cycle, about 60 minutes long, could be performed as well by a duo singer/pianist or speaker/actor/pianist. A smaller selection from the thirteen pieces is possible.


A short review of this edition in the “Neue Musikzeitung”: https://www.nmz.de/artikel/humanistische-weitsicht-kritische-zeitgeistbetrachtung




Mishory’s piano-cycle „To Aeneas“ (2014-2016) has been published as a full cycle by Peermusic-Classical! You can order it under Catalog -Nr. 4147.


A review about the published score in the Neue Musik Zeitung from November 13th, 2019, you find here as a PDF-Download


Earthly Dances


"Earthly Dances" by Gilead Mishory was first perfomed in June 2019 by Ensemble "Aventure", which commissioned it.


Listen and Watch:


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25.-26.2.2023 Augsburg

Masterclasses at the Leopold Mozart Zentrum, University of Augsburg

27.3.2023, 19:30 Uhr Hamburg, Tonali Saal

Mishory‘s „Lider-Togbukh“ for piano and pianist’s voice after Abraham Sutzkever. Tickets at www.salonamgrindel.de

15.-22.4.23 Masterclasses and Lectures in Korea

I.a. Seoul National University, Sejong University

30.4.23 Harlingen, Het grote Kerk, Netherlands

First performance of Mishory‘s new work for organ. Organ recital  Ulbe Tjallingii.

26.5.-3.6.23 Concerts and Masterclasses in Japan

I.a. Kameoka, Osaka College of Music, Soai University

18.-24.7.23 Académies du Grand Paris.

Sommer-masterclasses in Paris, Details at www.academiegrandparis.com

25.7.-31.8.23 Sommer-masterclass in Szczecin, Poland

Euroarts. Details at www.euroartsacademy.org Application emfapply@gmail.com

19.-22.1.24 Lichtenberg, Oberfranken

Masterclass in Haus Marteau. www.haus-marteau.de

26.1.-24.2.2024, E-Werk Freiburg, Theater „Die Schönen der Nacht“,

„Souvenir“, play with music by Stephen Temperley. A Tragicomedy about the life of Florence Foster-Jenkins. Gilead Mishory plays the role of the pianist, Cosme McMoon. Kathy Magestro as Foster-Jenkins. Performances every Friday and Saturday. Details at www.dieschoenen.com

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